After the intial evacuations the Vietnamese continued to try to come to the safe haven of the refugee camps on anything that could fly or float in the picture on top this boat made it's way to us in May of 1975.The next picture was a magazine about Operation New life and the third picture is the major Army unit for Operation New Life, FORSCOM (U.S.Army Forces Command) This patch was worn by the 1st Medical Group and many of it's subordinate units.
I am also going to do something that was never done for us and that is say welcome home to all my brothers and sisters of Operation New Life.And thank you to all of the members of Operation New Arrivals and Operation Boat People you are not unknown or forgotten.
My Brothers and sisters that joined me on Guam, Subic Bay and Wake Island were numbered 2135 that had never worked together before.
1st Medical Group HHD      50
423 Medical Company       138
702 Medical Clearing Co.   104
172nd Med.Det                 9
714 Med.Det.                    9
155th Med. Det.                9
73rd Med. Det.                  6
45th Sup.Grp HQ.              655
Co.D 411th Engr. Bn.         32     (USAR)
515th OD.Co.                    130
1/27 25th Inf. Div.              419
1/5th Inf.25th Inf. Div.        500
Tripler Army Med Cen.       34
8th PSYOP Bn.                   26
96th CA.Co.                      14
I got these numbers from the after actions report which is 270 pages long  so if I missed anyone I am sorry I was assigned to the 440th Med.Det. Fld. Amb. and we were with the 702 Medical Clearing Company.And thanks to the Coast Guard and Seabees.And the people of Guam.
We also had a problem with the mosquitos and the fear of spreading Dengue Fever as well as other blood borne diseases as well as those borne from raw sewage.The Navy did not have the time or the equipment that was needed to treat the sewage created by tens of thousands of refugees at Tent City Orote Point and at the other camps there.So raw sewage was being dumped just beyond the reef only to be washed back in by incoming waves both Typhoid and Cholera organisms were found in the sewage washing back from the ocean.For all intents and purposes Guam had shut down beaches had to be closed,roads were crammed with military vehicles and weekly foggings (sprayings) of Malathion to kill the mosquitos but it also killed small fish and crabs and bees and wasps in the area.So we all were sprayed.
This was no tropical paradise for us or the refugees or the people of Guam during this operation.Their water supply was severely rationed their children could not go to school , they received biweekly sprayings of Malathion and they as well as the military were under threat of getting ether mosquito or sewage borne diseases.We had also seen the first generation of people that were affected by Agent Orange the people of Southeast Asia.I sometimes wonder if the Malathion that was sprayed on us and around us would one day effect us or our children.