Operation New Life:
Was a N.E.O. (non-combatants evacuation operation) in which military and civilian agencies helped in the evacuation and care of more than 130,000 Indochinese refugees before and following the end of the Vietnam War.More than 90,000 Indochinese (mostly Cambodian and Vietnamese) were given medical treatment.
 Operation New Life had many names it has been called "The Medical Support of the Evacuation of Vietnam" as well as the "U.S.Army support to the Indochinese Refugee Program".The people came from Vietnam and Cambodia and would go on to the South Pacific Refugee Camps.
We are not Operation Frequent Wind nor are we Operation New Arrivals or Operation Baby Lift.Although many of these operations did involve evacuations.We are the only operation that did first medical support and even repatriation of over 1500 Vietnamese back to their homeland.And we operated the largest of the camps.
Many of us had the NDSM and were later awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal making us  the first to ever receive this award.People will see and remember this operation according to where they worked,what their job was and if they worked inside of the fence or outside of it.I worked inside the fence with the families as an Army Medic.
And a special thanks to Governor Ed Rendell of the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for his letter to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Operation New Life(2010) and to recognize the service of the veterans who assisted the thousands of Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees.We are connected to the people of  Southeast Asia and are not trying to pass ourselves off as Vietnam Veterans.We are and always will be The Medical support for the Evacuation of Vietnam,nothing more and never anything less.